Tennessee duck calls

The state of Tennessee has a rich heritage of duck hunting and duck call making. Many of the early call makers were men looking for ways to survive. They scratched out a living however they could and in winter it was market hunting ducks. When live decoys were outlawed the hunters turned to call making as attention getters. Soon many found out that a living could be made creating and selling duck calls. A few early makers mastered the marketing side of the equation which catapulted them into the business world of call making. The two most prominent early duck call makers who supported themselves selling calls were Tom Turpin and Earl Dennison. A few preceded them, while many followed. 
As a duck call collector, I am overwhelmed by the number of people in Tennessee who have made duck calls. It seems just about everyone who has hunted ducks tries at some point to make a call. The compilers of and contributors to this website have done a great service to the world of duck call collecting. No longer will people have immense difficulty identifying the maker of a Tennessee duck call; all one need do is access the internet. The list is not complete but entries are more comprehensive than any to this point. A word of thanks is given to all the people who have worked so hard in providing this great service to the Tennessee duck call collecting community. Enjoy the beauty and variety of the Tennessee Duck Call. 
Ray Caroll - Dyer, Tennessee